• Computer networks

    Computer networks

    - Design of the cable systems
    - Design of wireless network
    - Installation of server systems
    - VPN / VLAN services
    - Maintenance of the existing systems
    - Delivery of network hardware and software
    - Training of the staff for work in the network
    - Custom projects by your requirements

Computer networks

In today's world of communications it is unthinkable to use the computers in an office without them being interconnected. In today's globalized world of communications, we are so close to the time at which each device will be included in some network to be able to communicate with other devices. The local network allows the use of centralized information system, that facilitates the communication and increases the efficiency of the employees in an office.

The Skynix team of experts is qualified to perform the planning, building, testing and maintenance of all kinds of wired and wireless computer networks, appropriate to the location and the possibilities offered by the building. We have ethe xperience and knowledge to complete work with different volume and complexity - from connecting multiple computers to the creation of local (or national) network of several hundred of computers.

Our employees have extensive experience in organizing local networks and are able to provide high quality work in the shortest possible time.

We offer:

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Details of services:

  1. Building LAN (peer-to-peer) This service covers:
    • Designing the network
    • Installing the cables
    • Installation and test of the PC
    • Network Settings for PC
    • Connecting the Printers
    • Training of users
    • Tips

  2. Building a wireless network
    Skynix offers building of wireless network for home or office. This service covers:
    • Inspection of the premise for the placement of access points
    • Installing a wireless network cards
    • Network Settings
    • Training of users
    • Free phone support

  3. Servers installation

    This service covers the installation and maintenance of corporate servers (operating systems Windows Server 2003 and Linux distributions) used for router, firewall, file servers, proxy, mail server (company email).

  4. VPN / VLAN services - VPN - Connect remote offices

    The virtual private networks (VPN) provide stable access to shared information resources of each business unit. The information is available from anywhere at anytime, but only for people who are connected in VPN. This is an informational channel, with maximum protected access from intruders.

    VPN is virtual private network through which you can connect LANs in your office, as well as quick and secure access to corporate network from anywhere. Provides connectivity between computer networks via the Internet, data security and easy management.

    Who needs VPN?
    Building a VPN is suitable for companies that have offices in the country and need constant connection between them. By building a VPN the corporate information is encrypted and protected. The VPN solution is the most modern way of improving the communication interconnection of employees in each company.

    How much will cost the building of VPN?
    There are different hardware and software solutions for implementing a VPN - via hardware or software router, OPENVPN etc. We offer free consultation to get acquainted with your needs and choices of how to implement a VPN project.

We use only quality materials and devices, ensuring the performance of the network we have built.

If you want to know more about our services related to networking contact us by email or phone call
We will be happy to discuss your project with you and give you an offer corresponding to your requirements.