• Custom software

    Custom software

    - Development of custom desktop applications
    - Development of client-server applications
    - Development of Web-based applications
    - Complete integration of business applications within the organization
    - Re-engineering of software systems
    - Continuous maintenance and optimization suggestions
    - Development of software modules for controllers SCADA systems

Custom software

A key feature of any modern company is the use of advanced software solutions. The market offers a huge amount of ready-made software. Along with the huge number of advantages, these software products have one serious flaw - forcing your business to adapt to them rather than vice-versa. Ultimately, the given software requires many changes in work organization, which usually affect the results.
When your activity is specific and standard software solutions can not meet your requirements - you need custom software developed specifically for you. As our client you will receive the particular software you need.
Our goal is to create fast and reliable applications for short term needs, satisfying customer requirements. We achieve this through accumulated experience and teamwork in the process of designing, developing and testing of software.
Our efforts are focused on creating quality solutions that are intuitively and easily used by experts in various fields, not just IT professionals. The technologies we use for software development provide flexibility and opportunities for future application development.

The main services provided by Skinix Ltd. in software development:

How we work

The creation of a software product is long and complex process, containing within itself a certain amount of risk and therefore requires serious planning. The plan for software development includes evaluation of the project, actual code writing, unanticipated requests from the client and of course the risk of unexpected changes, new business needs, prototyping programs and generally control of the implementation of the project.
Good and proper planning ensures that the project will not deviate from the ultimate goal, while the customer will clarify for himself exactly what he needs and will be constantly informed of the progress on the project.

Stages in the development of custom software:

  1. Meeting the Client

    After receiving a request and initial information about your project, we form a small team that prepares documents for free with a range of possibilities for you. We look around basic guidelines of the project, including the choice of the most appropriate technology for it, as well as the overall assessment of the required development time.

  2. Design

    During this stage of work, the team prepares the functional specification, outlines the process, prepare a plan for implementation, assessment of the software as costs, as well as the stages for delivering the complete chunks of the project. We always choose solutions that meet the objectives of the project and this stage involves significant creativity. The end result should be an effective design of a project, that for sure will take into account all parameters. The stage ends with the signing of the contract.

  3. Design and Development

    Our team carries the development of the software (code and documentation). Our development process is interactive. This means that customers monitor the progress of the project consistently, which means that at the end of the project, they will not face unexpected results of the development.

  4. Testing

    This stage is intended for testing the finished system components. Testing emphasizes the use of the system under real conditions. The team emphasized the removal and prioritization of the open bugs and prepares the application for handing over to the client. After many rigorous tests we give the software to the client.

  5. Delivery and Support

    The team of Skynix Ltd. assembles all the components of the application, installs it on devices specified by the customer, assists in working with software, where necessary, and ultimately receives final approval of the client for the project. The customer receives not just a program, he receives a Solution. The team carried out the development of the software continues maintenance after the installation, included in the guarantee that we give you for the product we developed.

Process of custom software development:

Send us a brief description of the design or specification and we will offer you a quote.