• Computer support

    Computer support

    - full range of computer and office equipment: servers, workstations, laptops, printers, copiers and more.
    - wide range of operating systems, application software and server applications.
    - systems for backup, monitoring, firewalls, security policies.
    - network equipment and Internet connectivity.
    - analog, digital, IP and virtual PBXи
    - IT consulting

Computer support

Why is outsourcing necessary?
Not all departments of a company generate revenues, but each has a cost. The most important reason for IT outsourcing is to reduce and control costs in the company.

The administration and maintenance of IT systems through the use of companies specializing in this field, ensures response time and service level according to customer requirements. The main advantage of these services is that using a fixed monthly fee, they offer a quick and direct access to well qualified IT professionals and can easily provide 24x7 coverage of critical business systems.

If you are a small or medium sized company, to assign IT specialist system administrator position would hardly be cost effective for you. In this case we offer a comprehensive solution for all computer problems that accompany a modern business. The computer support subscription we offer, will end the chaos that can happen in case of a problem of software or hardware nature in your company.

Skynix Ltd. company offers fast, reliable and highly skilled computer support (accidental or subscription), remote administration, diagnostics, prevention and solving of software and hardware problems in your office or at our office.
Installation and configuration of all MS software products, development of custom software, assembling and testing hardware.
Security and archive of electronic information and data (BACKUP).
Mirror archive of operating systems (BACKUP).
Highly qualified advice and guidance for proper and efficient operation of you and your team.

Our services are suitable for individuals and for small, large or enterprise companies who need guaranteed, reliable and highly professional and computer support.
Our strong relationships with ISPs and leading importers, retailers, distributors and certified partners for hardware equipment and software enables us to be flexible in our offerings of services and prices.

Skynix Ltd. offers to companies and individuals professional computer support in the form of monthly plans or hourly service. You can contact us to solve software and hardware problems, design, construction and maintenance of wired and wireless network, installation and administration of servers, cleaning of viruses and unwanted programs, advice and sale of computer equipment and supplies.
We know that the smooth operation of computer equipment and software in your organization is critical to achieving successful business results. At Skynix we aim to use our knowledge and experience to provide you with stability, assuming the role of your "system administrator". You can always contact us, to lay the foundations of a successful partnership.

Scope of the support:

  1. Hourly (occasional) support

    The full range of our services may be performed once and without any contract for subscription maintenance. In this case, we are not bound by contract and you pay only the value of the service.
    In case of problem call us and we will visit you, we will analyze the reason, will solve the problem and offer preventive measures in the future.

  2. Remote computer support

    With the advent of the broadband Internet connections, the global network becomes convenient way to provide more quality services. Skynix Ltd. offers remote services (remote) maintenance of computer systems.

    What is remote support?

    Remote computer support is a computer maintenance on your home or office computer remotely (without the physical presence of a specialist at your place), by phone or with software for remote access. It allows system administrators to gain temporary control over your computer and fix the problem quickly and easily, while you are standing on a chair and doing nothing. It should be noted the use of software that encrypts the data between the two computers and access code. Thus the response time to minimize the receipt of the signal and the problem is solved very quickly and you will be able to watch our every step.

    Why use remote support?

    We suggest you look at some of the advantages compared with standard support with a visit from a specialist at your place.

    • lower cost (saving fee for the visit of specialist on site).
    • immediate reaction (no need to wait the specialist to come to you, which sometimes takes hours), within minutes we connect and begin work to eliminate the problem.
    • ability for 24/7 support, if you can not afford your system to stop working.
    • support regardless of the physical (geographic) location of your computer.

    Remote support is recommended for smaller settlements, which can not ensure the presence of specialist on-site, customers with notebook computers, which are traveling alot, computer systems where response time in case of problem should be minimized.

    By remote support we can not: reinstall your operating system, diagnose hardware problem, unless the diagnosis can be done through software means.

    By remote support we can: clean viruses, install printers, scanners and any other peripherals to keep the good work of the computer system, installation, setup and reinstallation of any application software (office applications, software, games, file systems, etc..), set up and tune of operating system (file navigation, control panel menus, Cyrillic alphabet, drivers and many others) ... In general, through remote support we can solve 90% of the problems.

How much will it cost?

All subscription plans for computer support can be negotiated according to customer needs, budget and business hours. The cost of maintenance of the servers is negotiable and depends on the server and the functions it performs. Skynix relies on individual approach in work with each company and offers subscription support entirely tailored to your specific IT needs. The subscription contract with Skynix Ltd. provides long-term, low cost security for the customer. The customers using subscription support receive priority service, guaranteed support, maintenance and periodic maintenance of its computer networks and systems.

To obtain information about the price of monthly subscriptions for IT support for your equipment, you must download the form, fill it and send it to .

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Offer will be made within 2 working. days. We wait for your call!

For any questions or if you need more information we are at your service.